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#GetConsent Campaign

 The #GetConsent campaign by Police Scotland aims to reduce rape and sexual assault that occurs through dating, and is targeted at perpetrators and potential perpetrators: men living in Scotland aged 18-35.

Key Messages:

- Whatever the circumstances, sex without consent is rape

- If a person does not or is unable to give consent to sexual activity for whatever reason - whether they are asleep or due to the effects of alcohol or drugs - then this is rape

- No-one should go on a date expecting or feeling entitled to sex

- No-one goes on a date expecting to be raped

- The only person to blame for sexual offending is the perpetrator

Visit www.wecanstopit.co.uk for more information on the law, rape myths, and support.

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#GetConsent Campaign
A new campaign by Police Scotland was launched on Monday 2nd September, aiming to reduce rape and sexual assault that occurs through dating.

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