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Information from `My Body Back West of Scotland Service`.

At our Sandyford, Glasgow clinic, we offer cervical screening (smear tests) for people who have experienced rape or sexual violence and are due (or overdue) for their test. A referral doesn’t need to come from a medical professional and it`s open to all women and trans men living in the West of Scotland.

We have appointments on one Saturday each month and the clinics are staffed by female clinicians and support workers who are trained to work with women who have experienced sexual violence. The service is based in Sandyford, 2-6 Sandyford Place, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G3 7NB.

Someone from our team will discuss the woman’s needs, and how we can make sure they are as comfortable as possible throughout the test. For example, if there are certain body positions they don’t like, places they don’t want to be touched or phrases they would prefer are not used, we make sure everyone involved respects their wishes.

We can also discuss grounding techniques to make the test easier and calmer for them. Women don’t have to have the cervical screening all in one go, and can use a series of sessions to work up to the actual test. For example, they or the nurse can insert the speculum at the entrance of the vagina in the first session, then a quarter of the way in during the second session, half way in during the third session, until they are ready to have it inserted the whole way and have the sample taken. They are welcome to insert the speculum themselves, if this makes them more comfortable. Before and after the test, we offer tea and biscuits, and do everything we can to help women feel calm and in a good frame of mind.

After the cervical screening, we process the results and send them to the woman’s GP as NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Sandyford, rather than using our clinic name, so GPs won`t know they have attended a My Body Back clinic.

For more information visit www.mybodybackproject.com To book an appointment, please use the following link: http://www.mybodybackproject.com/book-clinic-appointment/ or phone 0141 278 2517

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