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Gender based violence

This section offers a selection of helpful resources on the main areas of gender based violence.

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The Idea of Prostitution
By Sheila Jeffreys
Pub. Spinfex 1997
Sheila Jeffreys argues that “prostitution is a choice for the men who abuse, rather than for the prostituted woman”. An important book which explores the questions: is prostitution legitimate work for women, or is men’s use of prostitution a form of sexual violence?
Highly recommended.

Compelled to Crime. The gender entrapment of battered black women.
By Beth E. Richie.
Pub. Routledge 1996.
Beth Richie works with women in prison and in this important book she tells the stories of battered African American women. She highlights how male violence , and the injustices of the legal system affect women, and how desperation leads them into illegal activities, including prostitution.

Dangerous Relationships. Pornography, Misogyny and Rape.
By Diana E. H. Russell.
Pub. Sage 1998
“An original, powerful, cohesive, compelling, and smart theory of the ways pornography causally promotes sexual abuse”. Includes: defining pornography; pornography as woman hatred; pornography as a cause of rape.

The courage to heal - a guide for women survivors of child sexual abuse
By Ellen Bass and Laura Davis
Pub. Harper & Row, USA, 1988
Very comprehensive, and suitable for using on your own, with a counsellor or friend, or in a group.

Surviving child sexual abuse: a handbook for
helping women challenge their past.
By Liz Hall and Siobhan Lloyd
Pub. Farmer Press, London, 1989
Surviving child sexual abuse: a handbook for helping women challenge their past. By Liz Hall and Siobhan Lloyd Pub. Farmer Press, London, 1989 A very useful book for anyone supporting a survivor. Outlines the long term effects of incest, stages of recovery, working with incest survivors groups, therapeutic techniques and issues for helpers. A very useful book.

Home truths about child sexual abuse influencing policy and practice a reader
Edit by Catherine Itzin
Pub. Routledge, London, 2000
This book brings together the findings and research and clinical work by leading figures in the UK and USA. It makes visible the prevalence of sexual abuse and exploitation of children by heterosexual men, both within and outside the family. Aimed at professionals, researchers and policy makers. A valuable source of reference.

Breaking through, women surviving male violence.
Pub. Women’s Aid Federation Ltd, England,
An excellent book by a group who have experienced male violence themselves, either as children or as adult women. Looks at the effects of violence, what causes violence, going for help, new relationships with men, what we can do for ourselves. Very helpful.

Getting free.
By Ginny Nicarthy
Pub. The Seal Press, USA, 1982.
This is a handbook for women still in, or attempting to recover from an abusive relationship. Provides a step by step guide to regaining self esteem and confidence in coping alone. It is very well written and easy to understand and is highly recommended for women trying to get free and for those wishing to help them.

Domestic violence: supporting women and challenging men
By Sheila Burton, Linda Regan and Liz Kelly
Pub. The Polity press, Bristol, 1998
This report evaluates the Domestic Violence Intervention project (based in Hammersmith and Fulham) which provides two parallel services: a Support Service for women who have experienced domestic
violence and a Violence Prevention Programme working with violent men Home truths about domestic violence feminist influences on policy and practice

Home truths about domestic violence: feminist influences on policy and practice                                                                                             Edit by Jalna Hanmer and Catherine Itzin
Pub. Routledge, London, 2000
While men’s violence to women is an everyday, culturally supported activity thei Reader demonstrates
that men’s violence can be curtailed and that women and children can be assisted effectively; that state
policies and provision can be improved; and that women can actively participate in the resolution of their difficulties.

Carnal knowledge - rape on trial
By Sue Lees
Pub. Hamish Hamilton, London, 1996
Drawing on unique research and cit ing the testimonies of women, not only about the trauma of rape but also about the patterns of assailants tactics, Carnal Knowledge explodes all kinds of myths about rape that divert jurors from believing women. This book proposes a package of reforms to reverse the
imbalances of the judicial process and creates a system that will provide justice for victims without jeopardising the rights of defendants. Very informative book.

I never called it rape
By Robin Warshaw
Pub. Harper & Row, USA, 1988
Focuses on ‘date’ or ‘acquaintance’ rape. A mix of statistics and personal accounts reveals how
widespread these assaults are, why they go unreported, and how accepted male sexual behaviour
encourages and condones them.
Highly recommended.

Warning dating may be hazardous to your health
By Claudette McShane
Pub. Mother Courage Press, USA, 1988
Many women and girls are abused, raped or sexually assaulted by men or boys they go out with . This book looks at how abuse happens, sexism, and also contains interviews with women, looks at common feelings following abuse by boyfriends. Includes a list of warning signs for women to look out for.

Man made language
By Dale Spender
Pub. Pandora, London 1990
this well researched book argues that our language is literally “man made” men control it’s forms and
meanings , thereby maintaining there dominance in society

You just don’t understand women and men in conversation
By Deborah Tannen
Pub. Virago, London, 1992
In this pioneering book Deborah Tannen shows us how women and men talk in different ways, for profoundly different reasons. While women use language to make connections and reinforce intimacy, men use it to preserve their status and independence.


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