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This section offers a selection of helpful resources on the main areas of self harm . 

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Women who hurt themselves: a book of hope and understanding
By Dusty Miller,
Pub. Basic Books, USA, 1994
(Awaiting review)

Women and self injury: Understanding self injury
By Bristol Crisis Service for Women, Bristol, 1994
An introductory text for those who self-injure, professionals and anyone else who wants to understand self-injury. It explains what self-injury is and why someone might feel driven to hurt her own body. There are ideas for help and lists of resources and further reading. Explanations are illustrated with quotes from women with personal experience of selfinjury.

Women and self-injury: Self-help for self-injury
By Bristol Crisis Service for Women, Bristol, 1994
This booklet is for any woman who is struggling with selfinjury. It is also of value to professionals wishing to help someone overcome self-injury. It aims to help an individual understand and tackle what causes her to want to hurt herself. Again, women’s own words help explain the ideas discussed.

Women and self-injury: for family and friends
By Bristol Crisis Service for Women, Bristol, 1994
The aim of this booklet is to help those who want to understand and support a woman or young person who struggles with self-injury. An important focus is the feelings and experience of supporters. There are quotes from partners, family and friends, and ideas to help supporters cope with their own feelings and needs.

Cutting out the pain, Proceedings of National conference on self -injury held on Sept 26th 1995
By Bristol Crisis Service, Bristol 1995
This report contains reports on workshops, speeches and review and recommendations.

What’s the harm? a book for young people who self-harm or self-injure
Pub. The Basement Project, Bristol, 1997
A “self-help” booklet aimed at young people who self harm. There is also a section on “helping a friend”. Includes a list of useful organisations

The self-harm help book
By Lois Arnold & Anne Magill
Pub. The Basement Project, Bristol, 1998
This book is for people who sometimes hurt or harm themselves. It is also useful for those working with
individuals or groups on issues of self-harm, as well as for family and friends.


Working with self injury: a practical guide
By Lois Arnold & Anne Magill
Pub. The Basement Project, Bristol, 1996
This really is a practical guide, for professionals and helpers who come across people who deliberately harm themselves in various ways. It provides background information about selfinjury and explores the impact and implications of working with self-injury. The book provides practical information and ideas
about how to support and respond to people who self -injure.
Very useful

Needing attention: an evaluation of services for women who self-injure
By Bristol Crisis Service, Bristol 1995
This report covers women and self-injury; needs and services. Evaluations of telephone helpline services, information services and support groups.

Women and self-injury: a survey of 76 women
By Lois Arnold , Pub. Bristol Crisis Service, 1995
A report on women’s experience of self-injury and their views on service provision. Also includes literature review and women’s own recommendations.

Working with people who self-injure : a training pack
By Lois Arnold
Pub. Bristol Crisis Service for Women, Bristol,
Loose leaf training pack on working with people who self injure. Includes handouts, case studies and exercises. Content looks at what self injury is, causes and effects, the needs of service users, developing policies and the needs of workers.

The Language of Injury: comprehending self mutilation
By Gloria Baker and Lois Arnold
Pub. British Psychological Society, 1997
A sourcebook for all those who work with self injury. provides
pratical guidelines for work in various settings, and stresses the importance of supervision and support for workers.

Getting it right a guide to creating a self-harm policy
Pub. The Basement Project, Abergavenny, 2001
By Lois Arnold and Anne Magill
A guide designed to help organisations create a self-harm policy which will be workable and useful for them

Silent Scream
young asian women and self harm a handbook for professionals
Pub. Newham Asian Women’s Project, London, 2004
This handbook aims to ra`ise awareness and provide information about the issues surrounding young aisian women and self- harm. It also aims to improve and develop the understanding and skills of professionals working in this area.


Hunger strike
By Susie Orbach,
Pub, Penguin, London, 1992                                                                                                                                                                                           This new edition of her 1986 study of anorexia and bulimia extends the issue of women`s damaged relationships to self and others by documenting changes in attitudes.

Fat is a Feminist Issue: the self help guide for
compulsive eaters.

By Susie Orbach
Pub. Arrow books 1988
Published In the seventies and now a feminist classic, this pioneering book has helped many thousands of women to understand their difficult relationship with food and body image. Using case histories, looks at patterns of behaviour and feelings common amongst the many women who are compulsive eaters. Criticises the role of the media and fashion and diet industries in encouraging women`s selfdestructive obsession with dieting. The book contains a number of exercises such as guided fantasies which would be useful for group work. A book every women should read

Women in Therapy and counselling
By Moira Walker
Pub. Open University, Buckingham, 1990.
See chapter 7: Eating Disorders: women, food and the world (pp125-144).


Visible memories
A film about self -injury
Includes people who self-injure describing their experiences. Shows examples of statutory and
voluntary agencies where there is good practice.

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