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Rape and sexual assault

This section offers a selection of helpful resources on rape and sexual assault.

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Carnal knowledge - rape on trial
By Sue Lees
Pub. Hamish Hamilton, London, 1996
Drawing on unique research and citing the testimonies of women, not only about the trauma of rape but also about the patterns of assailants tactics, Carnal Knowledge explodes all kinds of myths about rape that divert jurors from believing women. This book proposes a package of reforms to reverse the imbalances of the judicial process and creates a system that will provide justice for victims without jeopardizing the rights of defendants. Very informative book.

Perspectives on rape and sexual assault
By June Hopkins
Pub. Harper & Row, USA, 1984
This is a collection of articles on different aspects of rape and sexual assault. Many of the articles are based on particular studies e.g. “Crisis intervention - a police perspective”. Perhaps the most useful article is “loss and mourning in victims of rape and sexual assault, which offers a “recovery” outline based on grief counselling.

Rape in marriage
By Diana E.H. Russell
Pub. Collier Books, McMillan, USA, 1982
This book is based on a study carried out by Diana Russell in 1977. Looks at the ‘hidden’ problem in great detail and uses personal testimonies very effectively. Covers the law, prevalence, wife rape and wife beating, information on husbands who rape, why some wives stay, stopping the violence.

Rape on trial
By Zsuanna Adler
Pub. Routledge Kegan Paul, London, 1987
This book is based on a detailed study of eight rape trials in England. The book investigates the impact of the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1976 which contains provisions designed to improve the treatment of women in court. Extracts from trials are used to highlight points made and many of these are very distressing. This is an important book which clearly shows how common myths about rape are used to deny women justice.

Sexual history and sexual character , evidence in Scottish sexual offence trials: a
study of Scottish Court practice

Produced by Central Research Unit,
This research raises issues about the sexual character and sexual history of women who have been raped, being used as evidence in court trials. Very useful and interesting research.

Women and rape
By Cathy Roberts
Pub. Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1989
This book is a result of the work Cathy Roberts carried out for a PhD in sociology. She looks at the victimisation of rape and how women deal with rape. Useful for anyone working with survivors.

Free of the shadows, recovering from sexual violence
By Caren Adams & Jennifer Fay
Pub. New Harbinger Publications Inc. USA, 1989
Looks at common feelings for women who have been raped or sexually assaulted, from immediately after the assault, to long term coping. Positive, helpful advice. Includes advice for family and friends in each section.

I never called it rape
By Robin Warshaw
Pub. Harper & Row, USA, 1988
Focuses on ‘date’ or ‘aquaintence’ rape. A mix of statistics and personal accounts reveals how widespread these assaults are, why they go unreported, and how accepted male sexual behaviour encourages and condones them. Highly recommened.

No fairy godmothers, no magic wands : the healing process after rape
By Judith H. Katz, Pub. R and E Publishers,
California, 1984
Looks at fears and phobias, the impact of rape on family and friends. Also includes advice on counselling for women who have been raped. Easy to read and helpful.

Rape and sexual assault - a handbook
Produced by Rape Crisis Centre in conjunction
with Strathclyde Regional Council, Glasgow, 1996
This handbook is for anybody who comes into contact with women and girls. The handbook has ten sections covering definitions of rape and sexual assault, effects, law, health, contacts, information for workers, working with different groups of women, and a list of contact organisations.

Surviving sexual assault
By Eds Rachel Grossman & Jean Sutherland
Pub. Congdon and Week Inc, New York, 1983
This is an American book written for staff in a hospital emergency room. It aims to answer the most common questions asked by women who have been raped or sexually assaulted. The book is set out in sections and is easy to read.

Twice raped
By Audrey Savage
Pub. Book Weaver Publishing, USA, 1990
This book begins with the authors personal account of being raped, followed by a verbatim account of the trial. The third section looks at attitudes to rape.

Warning dating may be hazardous to your health
By Claudette McShane
Pub. Mother Courage Press, USA, 1988
Many women and girls are abused, raped or sexually assaulted by men or boys they go out with . This book looks at how abuse happens, sexism, and also contains interviews with women, looks at common feelings following abuse by boyfriends. Includes a list of warning signs for women to look out for.

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