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Women whose children have been sexually abused

This section offers a selection of helpful resources for women or carers of children have been sexually abused.

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Abuse of women within child care work, The
By Kieran O’Hagan & Karola Dillenburgher
Pub. Open University Press, Buckingham, 1995
Childcare professionals working in child care agencies predominantly work with women clients. This book identifies and analyses the multiple abuses of women within childcare work. The authors rely on the abundant evidence of such abuse in research, childcare literature and child abuse enquiry reports.

I’m strong I’m good a collection of poetry writings
By MOSAIC Women’s Writers Group
Pub. Barnardos, Newcastle-upon-tyne, 1996
In four chapters this book is written by mothers for mothers. The chapters are: the day of discovery, the pain and the hurt, trying to understand, and healing and surviving also has a chapter on help is at hand.

Mothers Book : how to survive the incest of your child, The
By Carolyn M. Byerly
Pub. Kendall/Hunt, USA, 1985
A useful resource for women whose children have been abused. Covers reporting the abuse, parenting issues, cultural issues, religious issues. Main drawback is that the directory of services is American and not useful here.

Mothers of incest survivors : another side of the story
By Janis Tyler Johnson
Pub. Indiana University Press, USA, 1992
Based on the author’s interviews with six mothers of sexually abused children, a comprehensive ethnographic study of meanings mothers have ascribed to the process of finding out about, and making sense of incest. The stories of the mothers are presented by the author with frequent quotes to critically examine some of the given wisdom on mothers of incest survivors - reflecting some of the more blatant antiwomen ideas but not wholeheartedly adopting a feminist stance. This book is sensitively and sympathetically written.

Mothers of sexually abused children a framework for assessment, understanding and support
By Matrin C. Calder with Ann Peak and Kate Rose
pub. Russell House Publising, 2001
Essential reading for social workers, health professionals, media, researchers students and trainers. Comprehensive and accessible. This book charts clearly how to undertake assessment in a way which empowers mothers of sexually abused children

Mothers surviving child sexual abuse
By Carol Ann Hooper
Pub. Tavistock/Routledge
This book is based on a study involving fifteen women whose children had been sexually abused. Gives insight into the process of discovery, effects and needs of mothers. Particularly useful for people working with children who have been abused and their mothers but would also be good for women themselves.

No right way
By Tracy Orr
Pub. Scarlet Press, 1995
Personal accounts of women whose daughters have been sexually abused by their fathersor stepfathers. This book helps us to understand the effect of abuse on the mother’s life and relationships and shows there are no simple solutions.

Strong mothers: a resource for mothers and carers of children who have been sexually abused
By Ann Peake & Marion Fletcher
Pub. Russell House Publishing, Dorset, 1997
Excellent resource for both mothers of sexually abused children and professionals. Helps mothers to live with their feelings. Gives information on what to expect in terms of support, the law and carrying the emotional burden

When your child has been molested : A parents’ guide to healing and recovery ; putting the pieces back
By Kathryn B. Hagans & Joyce Case
Pub. Lexington Books, USA, 1990
This book is designed to help adults cope with the sexual abuse of their children. Deals with incest and child sexual abuse, the effects and procedures if reported (from an American viewpoint). It does not consider gender issues, there is, however, some very useful material in the book that would help non-abusing parents work with their children.

You and your child
By Lambeth Women & Children’s Project
Booklet for women whose children have been sexually abused.

Audio Tape
From discovery to recovery: a parents survival guide to child sexual abuse
By Warwickshire Social Services, 1997
We also have a reading list for ‘working with children and young people: advice on talking with
children/working with abused children.’If you have not recieved a copy please ask for a copy if


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