Womens Support Project


The Project holds a range of written resources on violence against women and children.

Materials include survivors’ writings, self help manuals, academic research, guidelines for good practice, resources for group work, and materials suitable for children and young people. We have some resources aimed at men and boys who have suffered sexual violence, and for the partners and friends of survivors of violence.

As a result of staffing cuts we are no longer able to lend materials, other than DVD`s for training purposes.  We will offer reference access whenever resources allow  - please contact us if you are interested in accessing the materials

If you would like to borrow any of the DVD`s for training purposes please contact us.

For details of helpful resources held by the Project please click on the links below.

Resource lists

Violence against women and children
Details of resources available on violence against women and children

Commercial sexual exploitation
Details of resources available on commercial sexual exploitation

Overcoming the effects of violence and abuse
Details of resources available on overcoming the effects of violence and abuse.

Women whose children have been sexually abused
Details of resources available for women whose children have been sexually abused.

Rape and sexual assault
Details resources available on rape and sexual assault

Self harm
Details resources available on self harm.

Gender based violence
Resources available on gender based violence.

Violence against disabled women and children
Details of resources available on violence against disabled women and children.

Violence, abuse and learning disabilities
Resources available on violence, abuse and learning disability.

Abuse in therapy/relationships of professional trust
Details resources available on abuse in therapy and other relationships of professional trust.

Helpful resources available on assertiveness

Latest News

Training workshops on violence against women
23rd January and 5th February 2018. Open to people who work or volunteer in the North West of Glasgow

Season's Greetings to all our friends.
Hope you all have a great time and best wishes for the New Year

Woman to Woman Fund
Rosa's fund for grassroots women's organisations now open

Real Women: Unheard Stories
A new publication from Shakti Women's Aid

FGM Guidance
Scottish Government launches multi-agency guidance for responding to FGM

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