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The Women's Support Project aims to raise awareness of the extent and effects of violence against women and children.
Support and Information
We offer a telephone support and information service, covering a broad range of issues...
Violence against women
'Violence against women', sometimes referred to as "gender based violence", covers a spectrum of behaviour.
Commercial sexual exploitation
The Womenís Support Project believes that commercial sexual exploitation is part of the spectrum of menís violence against women and children, which includes in
"Adult entertainment" / Lap Dancing
The Womenís Support Project takes the view that Ďentertainmentí is not an appropriate term to describe commercial activities that make money out of exploitation
The Womenís Support Project views prostitution as part of the spectrum of menís violence against women and is committed to raising awareness of its root causes
The Womenís Support Project sees pornography as a form of commercial sexual exploitation and as part of the spectrum of gender based violence.
Child sexual abuse & incest
Child sexual abuse happens in all classes, cultures and communities. People who have been sexually abused in childhood often prefer to be called a survivor..
Domestic abuse
Domestic abuse is the mental, physical, financial and/or sexual abuse by a partner or ex-partner.
Rape and Sexual Assault
There is never an excuse for rape and it makes no difference what a woman may be wearing, how much she has had to drink or whether she knows the rapist
Women whose children have been sexually abused or exploited
The Women`s Support Project offers support and information to women whose children have been sexually abused or sexually exploited, or where abuse is suspected.
Grooming and sexualisation
grooming and sexualisation
Directory of support services
This directory provides information and contact details for organisations in the Greater Glasgow & Clyde area...
Resources and publications
The Project has a number of publications on violence against women and holds a range of resources which are available on loan.
Resources produced by the Women`s Support Project on a range of issues relating to violence against women.
The Project holds a range of resources on violence against women and children.
WSP Training and Events
The Women`s Support Project can deliver in-house and multi-agency training on a range of issues.
Challenging Demand
The Women's Support Project first started to actively address commercial sexual exploitation as part of the spectrum of men's violence against women.
Ingrid McClements Memorial Award - Ingrid McClements was a lifelong feminist and socialist activist, and a leading figure in voluntary sector development.
IMMA Activities
Previous IMMA events and awards.
Useful links and information sources...
Information on public education and activism on male violence against women.

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Welfare Rights Conference 2018
22nd June, organsed by Child Poverty Action Group

Dogs Trust Freedom Project
30 Apr 18
Pet fostering service for families fleeing domestic abuse.

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