Womens Support Project

The Women’s Support Project is a feminist voluntary organisation, recognised as a Scottish Charity. The Project works to raise awareness of the extent, causes and effect of male violence against women, and for improved services for those affected by violence.

Key themes in our work have been highlighting the links between different forms of male violence and promoting interagency responses to the abuse of women and children.

Main areas of work are:  raising awareness of the harmful impact of commercial sexual exploitation and highlighting male demand as the root cause; improving service responses to violence against women including delivery of training; public education; information and resources, including an on-line directory of support services across Scotland.

The Project is based in Glasgow and works across Scotland.


Latest News

Katy and Stephanie's stories
In two short films Katy and Stephanie share their experiences of being in prostitution in Scotland.

Forced Marriage research
Have you or someone you know experienced forced marriage?

Voices Unheard
Educational Resource with a focus on LGBT young people's experiences of domestic abuse and other forms of gender based violence

Warriors to Stop FGM
Information from Coexist on their work with men to end FGM

Responses to Prostitution Law Reform consultation 2015
'Violence against Women' organisations give mixed response to proposals.

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