Childhood sexual abuse / incest

Training Programmes

Child sexual abuse (pdf 63KB)
Level 1
One-day course
Women’s Support Project

Working with women whose children have been sexually abused (word 158KB)
Level 1
One-day course
Women’s Support Project

Additional training materials

When might a child be most likely to tell about abuse? (word 23KB)
Women’s Support Project
Handout for use in training

Audio visual resouces

Feel Think Do
Tina O’Neil, NHS Forth Valley, DVD, 2006, selection of slides and video clips
A sexual abuse prevention teaching pack and DVD designed to help children talk about their feelings, assess risks and to keep themselves safe from sexual abuse.
For further information contact or 
Available on loan from
Women’s Support Project

Feeling Yes Feeling No
The National Film Board of Canada, DVD, 1985, 20 minutes
DVD resource which aims to give children the skills necessary to protect themselves from sexual assault, whether from strangers or trusted adults. 20 minute introduction for adults, followed by materials suitable for use with children. Produced in 1985 but still relevant.  For details of how to purchase contact
viewtech.   Available on loan from Women’s Support Project

Leeds Animation Workshop
Various short films for hire or sale, including Believe Me, and Beyond Belief, which focus on child sexual abuse.

Lifting the lid. Men who survive sexual abuse as children
Safe to Say & SAMH, DVD, 2009
Focus on male survivors and impact of sexual abuse of boys.
Available from

Nae Danger
Barnardos, DVD, 10 minutes
Designed for use with 11 - 16 year olds to explore issues around risk and keeping safe, sexual exploitation and internet safety. Includes animated film, games and activity sheets. 
To buy this publication
email Barnardo`s publications team

Barnardos audio-visual materials on childhood sexual abuse and exploitation, including `Whose daughter next?` and `No son of mine`, which focus on sexual exploitation

Profit vs Pleasure
Women`s Support Project and Zero Tolerance, 10mins 59secs
Discusses the impact of pornography on young people.


Pleasure Vs. Profit from Lucinda Broadbent on Vimeo.

Images of women and girls in advertising
Killing us softly campaign, online, 4 minutes
Useful for highlighting impact of advertising on sexual attitudes, and on sexualisation of girls. View on youtube

CEOP, on-line, 2011, 10 minutes
Focus on dangers of young people taking and exchanging indecent images.  Available to view on CEOP site.

CEOP, on line, 2010, 8.47minutes
Advice on protecting your on-line privacy and safety.


Sexy Inc. Our children under influence
Sophie Bissonette, 2007, On-line, 35min29sec

Documentary on hypersexualisation of children and suggests some  responses to challenge this trend. Useful as background information for trainer, or could use clips in training to stimulate discussion. Click here to view.

Recommended reading

The Women’s Support Project website recommends further reading with Resource Lists available for download.


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