Commercial sexual exploitation

Training packs

Exploring the sexualisation of culture and the normalisation of commercial sexual exploitation (word 1.45MB)
Level 1
One-day course
Highland Community Planning Partnership

Money and Power Training Pack (pdf 3.8MB)
Level 1
Flexible, from short session to one-day course
Includes sample programmes and exercises
Women’s Support Project. 2010

Money and Power DVD pack (pdf 1.65MB)
Information pack to accompany the Money and Power DVD (see below)
Women’s Support Project. 2010

Money and Power – supporting materials (pdf 3.37MB)
Covers prostitution, pornography and lap dancing and includes information on strategic context, legislation, extent of the problem
Women’s Support Project. 2010

Pleasure vs Profit - Information pack (pdf 7.50MB)
Information pack to accompany the Pleasure vs Profit DVD (see beow)
Women`s Support Project. 2011

Additional training materials

Information leaflets looking at myths and realities of pornography and lap dancing, from Women`s Support Project

Prostitution - Fact and Fiction, from Women`s Support Project.

Forth Valley protocol on human trafficking.  (pdf 190.76KB) 2011
Addresses needs of adults and children.

Human Trafficking – making the links (pdf 1.01MB)
Karen Macmillan, 2010
Useful collection of articles, information on services and statistics.

National Working Group for sexually exploited children and young people has a range of resources.  NB many relate to England and Wales only.

Men`s choices. Stop the demand poster (jpeg)
A poster from Voices Matter, which can be used to promote discussion around the cause of prostitution

Audio visual resources

Stephanie`s Story
A short film featuring the experiences of a woman involved in prostitution in Scotland. 2mins48secs 2016


Katy`s Story
A second short film featuring the experiences of a woman with experience of prostitution in Scotland.  2mins41secs 2016

Girls going wild in the red light district

Stop the Traffick, 2012, on-line, 1m40sec
Short but effective public education video highlighting trafficking for prostitution

Money and Power
Women’s Support Project and Zero Tolerance Prevention Network, DVD, 2010, 7 minutes
Highlights the harm caused in prostitution and the need to challenge demand.   Supporting materials available to download

Pleasure vs Profit
Women`s Support Project and Zero Tolerance, DVD, 2011, 10mins48secs
Focuses on impact of pornography on young people. Includes contributions from activists, young people and police officers.
Available on loan from Women`s Support Project

 Not for Sale
European Women’s Lobby, DVD, 2006, 23 minutes 
Contributions from politicians, activists and women who were abused in prostitution. You can watch it on You Tube although quality is not good.
Available on loan from Women’s Support Project

CBC News interview with Victor Malerek, online, 2009, 9.42secs
Interview with Victor Malarek on prostitution and his book "The Johns, Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy It" part 1/2. Highlights demand as the driving force behind the prostitution industry.

CEOPS, on-line, 2011, 10 minutes
Focus on dangers of young people taking and exchanging indecent images.  Available to view on CEOPs site.

Stella Does Tricks
Coky Giedroyc, DVD, 1996, 95mins
A young homeless woman’s struggle to escape sexual abuse and exploitation.
Available on loan from Women’s Support Project

Lilya 4-ever
Lukas Moodysson, DVD, 2002, 105mins
Powerful and disturbing story based on the true story of a young Russian woman who was trafficked into prostitution in Sweden.
Available on loan from Women’s Support Project

Human trafficking: Talking Heads
Forth Valley child protection committees and violence against women partnerships. DVD. 2011
Available to download for use in training -  please contact for details.
Training guidance pack (word 115KB) 2011. For use with above DVD.

Barnardos range of audio-visual resources on sexual exploitation of children and young people.

Stop prostitution 1min 30
Les Monde Selon des Femmes

The Swedish Approach  4.43 minutes
A summary of the Swedish approach to reducing the harm caused by prostitution.

Recommended reading

  • Trafficking SurvivorCare Standards 2014.
    A digital copy of the Standards is available online







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