Culturally competent training

Cultural competence refers to an ability to interact effectively with people from different cultures.

Whilst definitions vary, cultural competence is generally understood to have four key components:

  • Being aware of your own worldview
  • Attitude towards cultural difference
  • Knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews
  • Cross-cultural skills


Cultural competence. Website on cultural diversity in nursing.
Useful resources and tools for cultural competence.  London Deanery website.
Multi-cultural counselling. Glasgow University website.
MECOPP produce a range of training directories on equality and diversity issues.
PAIH (Positive action in housing) offer training on equality and diversity, and cultural awareness.

Recommended reading

How do we ensure culturally competent services? Research in practice, 2008 (pdf 901KB)
Cultural competency toolkit. Good practice guide in ethnic minority mental healthcare. West London Mental Health Trust, 2007 (pdf 1.61MB)
Good practice guide for interpreting for women who have experienced gender based violence. (pdf 327.87KB) Glasgow Violence Against Women Partnership 2011.

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