Domestic abuse

Training packs

Domestic Abuse Awareness
Renfrewshire Multi-agency Partnership

  • Level 1
  • One-day course
  • Comprehensive pack including programme, exercises, scenarios, tutor notes and sample evaluation forms. Download (pdf 1.36MB)
  • Presentation for basic awareness training day Download (ppt 1.10MB)
  • Additional scenario which focuses on an older woman being abused / controlled by her son Download (word 36KB)
  • Two scenarios for use in mental health settings or to highlight mental health impact of domestic abuse Download Scenario 1 & Download Scenario 2 (word 32KB and word 30KB)

Domestic Abuse
Dumfries and Galloway Training Consortium

A practitioner`s guide to domestic abuse
Powerpoint (ppt 4.23KB)
Trainers notes part A (pdf 1.81MB)
Trainer`s notes part B (pdf 3.94MB)
Tayside Training Consortium, 2011

Meeting the Need. Children and families affected by violence against women
Level 1
One-day course
Highland Community Planning Partnership and Highland Child Protection Committee
Contains programme, exercises and tutor notes
Download (pdf 2.84MB)

What we need to know when working with perpetrators of domestic abuse
Level 1
One-day course
Highland Community Planning Partnership
Contains programme, exercises and tutor notes
Download (pdf 818KB)

Reduce Abuse Pack
Reduce Abuse Project
Teaching and resource pack for teaching staff. Also a training programme to support teachers using the pack. For further information contact Shona Bruce on 0141 952 4074

Domestic abuse and women subject to immigration control
Level 1
One-day course
Glasgow Training Consortium, Scottish Refugee Council, YMCA
Powerpoint (ppt 9.21MB)  available from Women`s Support Project on request. Email
Immigrant power and control wheel (pdf 94KB)
Action planning (pdf 322KB)
Myths and values questionnaire (pdf 299KB)
Mytha and values responses (pdf 299KB)

Identifying risk in domestic abuse. Part A: theory
Short session / presentation
Tayside Training Consortium and Dundee, 2010
Powerpoint (ppt 3.89MB)
CAADA - Risk identification checklist. (pdf 316.89KB)
Barnet multi-agency domestic violence risk identification flow chart (pdf 316.89KB). Barnados.
Risk assessment tool. (pdf 92.5KB). Tayside Training Consortium, 2010
Domestic abuse risk factors (pdf 47KB). Tayside Training Cosortium, 2010

Get SAVI (Students against violence initiative)
Visit the website to download a reource pack including powerpoint presentation. Discussion on gender roles, spectrum of violence, and challenging abusive behaviour.

Forced Marriage (ppt 639KB)
Presentation on forced marriage legislation, November 2011.

Additional training materials

Guidance for domestic abuse and alcohol and drugs services
Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (pdf 654KB)
Aims to inform and support staff working with survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse for whom substance use is an issue. Written mainly for practitioners in specialist domestic abuse or alcohol and drugs services but useful for staff in any setting looking for information or advice on how to respond to service users affected by both domestic abuse and substance use.

Scottish Women’s Aid website has a section on publications and resources much of which is useful for awareness raising and training on domestic abuse.  This includes information briefings such as: impact of domestic abuse on mental health, domestic abuse and alcohol, impact on children and young people, and others.

A series of exercises developed by Scottish Women’s Aid to increase understanding of domestic abuse:

Three case studies with a focus on older women and domestic abuse (pdf 84KB)
Borders Training Consortium

Wave training programme on combatting violence against women
Basic information and training material relating to the issue of violence against women in intimate relationships.  Specific modules for law enforcement, judicial, medical, psycho-social professionals

Safety assessment and planning from
Sample danger assessment for use with women experiencing domestic abuse.

Warning signs
From Dragonslippers by Rosalind B. Penfold
A useful handout for domestic abuse training (pdf 680KB)

Unique aspects of LGBT domestic abuse
Useful handout which can be printed from the LGBT domestic abuse project website

Out of sight, out of mind?  Awareness raising materials from the LGBT domestic abuse project

DARTSS - Domestic abuse resources and training for schools in Scotland
Aimed at schools / education. Information on domestic abuse, relevance to Curriculum for Excellence and opportunity to share resources and practice.  Resources available to download.

Gold Stars and Dragon Marks. A teaching resource pack. (pdf 1.76MB)
Scottish Government, National  Children and Young People`s Prevention Network,  2011
Aimed at work with children from primary 4 to 7. View the accompanying video here. (20mins 18secs)

Crush resource pack. (pdf 1.7MB)
Aimed at school pupils in years 3 to 6. Covers teen abuse, gender stereotyping and bullying. View accompanying video here (28mins)

Medics against violence
Offer training on domestic abuse for dentists. Website includes training resources.

Briefing on Domestic Abuse Act 2011 and Sexual Offences Act 2009 (pdf 123KB)
VAW Training Consortia, Scottish Borders Council

Audio visual resources

Hear our Voice
Scottish Borders Council, DVD, 2012,10.26secs
Four women talk about their experience of domestic abuse
View on-line or copy available on loan from Women`s Support Project

Coercive control
View online. 4m 32secs
Evan Stark, Rutgers University, author of `Coercive Control` speaks about the nature of domestic violence and the need for criminal justice and social work services to address this as a liberty crime. Very useful for  training.

Lecture on domestic abuse / coercive control, by Professor Evan Stark.
Podcast, Glasgow Caledonian University, September 2013. 57 minutes

Let me tell you
Scottish Women’s Aid, DVD, 2006, 17 minutes
Provides an opportunity for professionals to hear directly from women, children and young people what is helpful and what is not about support following domestic abuse.  Designed for use within a wider training course dealing with the potential impact of domestic abuse.  Download facilitators notes (word 103KB) Available on loan from Women’s Support Project

Listen louder
Scottish Women’s Aid, DVD, 2004, 5 minutes
Young people speak out about their own experiences of domestic abuse and talk about the support that they find helpful.  Useful for training professionals likely to come into contact with children experiencing domestic abuse.

Changing Lives
Scottish Women’s Aid, DVD, 2009, 15 minutes
Collaboration between SWA, local Women’s Aid groups and women, children and young people who have used Women’s Aid services. 
Available on loan from Women’s Support Project.

Changing Lives
Booklet to accompany the above DVD.

No Boundaries: domestic abuse and substance misuse
Dundee Violence Against Women Partnership, DVD
Various scenarios around domestic abuse and substance misuse
Email or call 01382 434569 for copies

Stimulus scenes for use in domestic abuse training
Produced by DVPP, SACRO and CHANGE, 2005, DVD, 33mins
The scenarios depicted show the diverse and wide-ranging nature of domestic abuse and highlight the potential impact upon victim/survivors and their families.  Available on loan from Women’s Support Project

Partner rape, rape myths and rape culture
A personal account. On-line 9.35mins

Leeds Animation Workshop
Various short films available for hire or sale, including Home Truths, about young people’s experiences of domestic violence

Feel like you`re living in a war zone?
Scottish Governement, view online, 30 seconds
Highlights impact of domestic abuse on young people.

Recommended reading

The Women’s Support Project website recommends further reading, with Resource Lists available for download.

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