Gender based violence / Violence against women

Training packs

Understanding gender, gender equality and the cause and impact of violence against women
Level 1
One-day course
Women’s Support Project
Includes information on understanding the difference between gender and sex, benefits and disadvantages of gendered roles for women and men, cause and extent of VAW, common impacts, and services and resources.
Programme (word 35KB)
Presentation (pdf 735KB)
Gender vs sex game (pdf 45KB)
Gender vs sex answers (word 45KB)

Understanding Violence Against Women (pdf 368KB)
Level 1
One-day course
Highland Community Planning Partnership
Includes information on understanding gender with the main focus on domestic abuse.

Asking the questions about violence against women (pdf 310 KB)
Level 2
One-day course
Highland Community Planning Partnership
Programme, exercises and tutor notes

Understanding gender inequality and violence against women (pdf 598KB)
Level 1
One-day course
Argyll & Bute Community Planning Partnership
Programme, exercises and trainer`s notes and presentation (pdf 831KB)

Additional training materials

Virtual knowledge centre to end violence against women and girls
Essential information and guidance for programming to address violence against women and girls, including: basics on the forms, prevalence and consequences; international frameworks; main challenges; main strategies for prevention and response; and a full module on monitoring and evaluation.

Useful list of definitions, eg for gender based violence, sexual exploitation, which can be used to inform training.  From IRIN, Humanitarian news and analysis.

Violence against women: exploring the issues. (pdf 2.98MB)
Presentation materials from Tayside VAW Training Consortia, covering gendered roles, definition of violence, extent of the proble. 

AVA (Against Violence and Abuse)
Good practice guidelines and toolkits on various topics

Violence Against Women and Girls Communications Toolkit
Developed by the UK Government Equalities Office

Toolkit for working with men and boys to prevent gender based violence
A range of resources from the Family Violence Prevention Fund

Be what you want
The Be What You Want campaign aims to support young people to make informed decisions about what they want to do when they leave school.
and has materials to support teachers, parents and carers in tackling gender stereotyping, which can limit girls` and boys` choices.

Audio visual resources

End violence against women and girls
13 minutes
UK Feminista 2012 

An excellent resource. Can be used as an introduction or to promote discussion. Addresses cause and impact of gender based violence and impact of sexualisation, media, racism, pornography and poverty as factors in voiolence against women.


Discussing violence against women: a training resource
Length: 23 minutes in total - clips can be used to promote discussion
Scottish Government, 2011
Download notes for trainers (pdf 212KB)

Violence against deaf women
Available to view online or contact Wise Women for a copy of the pack, including DVD.
Length: 3 to 5 minutes. There is a series of short videos in British Sign Language on bullying and harassment; child sexual abuse, rape and sexual violence, domestic abuse, prostitution and personal safety.
A unique resource produced by the Deaf Women Against Violence Group, in conjunction with WISE Women.

The Girl Effect
Available to view on-line
Length: 3 minutes
Highlights the importance of safeguarding the future of girls and young women, and the positive impact this has on the whole community.

The Equality Effect
Length: 2.32 minutes
Highlights the need for effective legislation to support gender equality.

A call to men
Length: 11 minutes
Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don`t "act like a man." Telling powerful stories from his own life, he shows how this mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other. His solution: break free of the "man box."

It gets better
Length: 3min47sec
Produced by LGBT Youth Scotland.
Focus on homophobia rather than violence against women. Features young people speaking about their feelings and the impact of homophobia.

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