Female Genital Mutilation


Women`s Support Project is currently developing a programme and materials for an introductory workshop on Female Genital Mutilation. This will be freely available to those involved in training for Child Protection, Adult Support and Protection, Equality, `violence against women` and other relevant areas of training.  These materials will be available from 20th February 2015 at www.fgmaware.org

Several organisations can provide training sessions on FGM (subject to funding and availability), including DARF, Shakti Women`s Aid and Saheliya .

Training resources

FGM Lesson, Healthy Schools, London, (pdf1.09MB)
A comprehensive information booklet outlining lessons suitable for use with school children. NB refers to English legislation and child protection procedures.

Project Azure: FGM (ppt 277KB)
London Metropolitan Police presentation on FGM (NB refers to English legislation)

Audio-visual resources

FGM Aware: Sara`s Story, 6- minute, 2015

Sara`s Story is a 6-minute animated film which aims to rise awareness about FGM, including the motivations behind FGM and the possible health impacts, plus key tips for practitioners.  Produced by media co-op for Women`s Support Project and funded by the Scottish Government.

A Change has Begun, 2014. 10mins
Female Genital Mutilation: A Change Has Begun is a  survivor-led account of life with FGM which speaks of the positive shift in perspective within practicing communities in the UK. The film was made by Spirited Pictures and commissioned by Nike`s Girl Effect for the Girl Summit 2014

FGM Resource DVD, FGM National Clinical Group, 2010, 16mins (View above)
A useful overview of FGM aimed at non-health professionals. Further films for health professionals can be accessed here. 

Information on FGM, NHS Health Choices, 5.38 minutes (View above)
Short film summarising main points relating to FGM, health and child protection.

Silent Scream, Intergrate Bristol, 2011, 12.04 minutes
Looks at how FGM has divided a family. Useful for starting discussion on motivations for FGM. You can view online here.
Available on loan from Women`s Support Project.

Female Genital Mutilation, Department of Health, 2006, 26 minutes
Whilst some parts of this film are intended for use by Health professionals, there are also useful chapters on Facts, Cultural Contexts, and Appropriate Responses. Available on loan from Women`s Support Project.

FGM: The film that changed the law in Kurdistan. 2013. 17 minutes
Two filmmakers spent almost a decade reporting the greatest taboo subject in Kurdish society: female genital mutilation. Nabaz Ahmed and Shara Amin persuaded people to talk about the effects of FGM and the film they made helped get the practice outlawed in 2011. And in the last few years the number of girls being mutilated in Kurdistan has fallen by over 60%. The story of their decade-long fight against FGM has been made into a documentary by the Guardian and BBC Arabic.

Africa Rising
Equality Now, 2008, DVD, 62 minutes                    
Africa Rising is a powerful documentary portraying the indomitable grassroots movement to end female genital mutilation. Available on loan from Women’s Support Project.

Recommended reading

The facts on FGM:

  • Too Much Pain. Female Genital Mutilation and Asylum in the European Union. A statistical update, UNHRC, March 2014 (pdf 614KB)
  • The facts of FGM. HM Government, (pdf 453KB)
  • FGM in Scotland, Niki Kandirikirira and John Fotheringham, Scottish Justice Matters, Volime1:1, June 2013.
    Useful summary of facts on FGM, why it is relevant to Scotland, and of legislation on FGM.
  • The Facts about FGM. University College London Hospitals, 2012 (pdf 856KB)

Scottish context:

Guidance on approaches and multiagency working:

Child protection:

Community engagement and prevention:

Engaging with children and young people / schools:

Health approaches:

Wider context:


Uncut Voices
Articles and access to literature on FGM

Dignity Alert Research Forum (DARF).
Education, support, training and campaigning around FGM. Based in Edinburgh and working across Scotland

Saheliya is a specialist mental health and well-being support organisation for black and minority ethnic (BME) women and girls (12+) in Scotland.

Shakti Women`s Aid
Support for Black and minority ethnic women following domestic abuse or harmful cultural practices. Training service.

Services, training and community engagement for minority ethnic communities

Factsheet available. National free phone helpline open 24-hours for anyone with child protection concerns 0800 028 3550

Information, resources and training on a range of issues, including FGM.

Equality Now
Works on women`s equality and against violence against women. Website includes resources which can inform training.

ACCM (UK) works to tackle and eliminate harmful traditional practices, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM); Forced Marriage (FM); and Honour Based Violence (HBV) that impacts and violent the human rights and wellbeing of girls and women.



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