Research reports

A selection of key research reports relevant to violence against women.

Key research reports are listed under the below headings. In some instances we have summarised the findings on a powerpoint presentation. You are welcome to download these for use in training and awareness raising work.

Gender based violence

Learning disabilities and gender based violence (word 194KB)
Literature Review Summary. Clare McFeely, National GBV and Health Team, 2011

Young People`s Attitudes towards Gendered Violence (pdf 251KB)
Michele Burman and Fred Cartmel, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Science, University of Glasgow (2005).
Young people`s awareness of and views about violence and abusive behaviour towards women.

Violence against disabled women survey (pdf 425.23KB)
Daisie project, WISE Women 2010

Responding to gender based violence in Scotland
The scope of the Gender Equality Duty to drive cultural and practical change. (pdf 635KB), EHRC 2009

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse recorded by the police in Scotland 2012 - 13 (pdf 314KG)
Scottish Government Statistical Bulletin, Crime and Justice series, 2010

Partner exploitation and violence in teenage intimate relationships (pdf 1.05MB)
Executive summary (pdf 310KB)
Christine Barter, Melanie McCarry, David Berridge and Kathy Evans, for October 2009
The first study in Great Britain to provide a detailed picture of the incidence and impact of teenage partner violence.

Partner Abuse - report from Crime and Justice Survey  (pdf 1.28MB)
Scottish Government, 2010-11

Disability and domestic violence
First national UK study on these issues. Report available to download.

Older women and domestic violence in Scotland. (pdf 1.43MB)
Centre for research on violence and relationships. 2004

Challenging men`s demand to buy sex in Scotland (pdf 332KB)
Jan Macleod, Melissa Farley, Lynn Anderson, and Jacqueline Golding. 2008
Based on interviews with 110 men who had bought sex in prostitution.

Sexual violence

The prosecution of sexual offences (60.75KB)
A briefing from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal service. 2011
Powerpoint (ppt 67.1KB)

Promising Practices addressing sexual violence (pdf 196.92KB)
UN Division for the Advancement of Women, 2005

Childhood sexual abuse

Child abuse and neglect in the UK today (pdf 6.03MB)
Lorraine Radford, Susana Corral, Christine Bradley, Helen Fisher, Claire Bassett, Nick Howat and Stephan Collishaw. NSPCC. 2011
Presents new research findings from the NSPCC on child maltreatment in the United Kingdom, looking specifically at the prevalence and impact of severe maltreatment.

An exploratory study of the prevalence of sexual abuse in a sample of 16 – 25 year olds (pdf 2.43MB)
Kelly, Regan and Burton. 1991

Child cruelty in the UK 2011(pdf 1011KB)
An NSPCC study into childhood abuse and neglect over the past 30 years. February 2011

Child maltreatment in the United Kingdom (pdf 67KB)
A study of the prevalence of child abuse and neglect. Pat Cawson, Corinne Wattam, Sue Brooker and Graham Kelly. November 2000

Remodelling life in the aftermath of child sexual abuse (pdf 602.44KB)
A study exploring the support needs of sexually abused children, young people and non abusing parents.
Dr Wendy Guthrie on behalf of the Women’s Support Project. 2004

Harmful cultural practices

DARF baseline study on female genital mutilation.
Powerpoint (ppt 68.2KB)

An investigation into honour-based violence and honour-based killings in Iraqi Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora in the UK
Report available to download.

Sexual harassment and stalking

Domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking: findings from the British crime survey (pdf 561.45)
Sylvia Wallby and Jonathan Allen, Home Office Research 2004

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