This section contains materials for supporting training to improve responses to violence against women.  You can find training packs, additional training materials such as exercises and case studies, audio visual resources and recommended reading.  Wherever possible we have included materials which address the additional impact of equality issues including age, sexuality, disability and ethnicity.

Training programmes and presentations are provided for information only.   We cannot guarantee  accuracy of the content.  For some of the materials, more recent statistics may be available.

Delivering training on violence against women and children requires both skill and sensitivity and it is expected that people making use of these training materials will be suitably qualified and supported.  Please make sure that materials are appropriately acknowledged.

Thanks to all who contributed materials.  If you have training materials which you would like to share, or recommendations for helpful resources which you think should be included here, please contact us.

Gender based violence / VAW
Domestic abuse
Sexual violence
Childhood sexual abuse / incest
Commercial sexual exploitation
Female Genital Mutilation
Sexual harassment and stalking

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