Sexual harassment and stalking

Training materials

 Sexual harassment support
Statistics (US based), myths, effects of sexual harassment

Training powerpoints
Sample training presentation from Mohave College (US)

Audio-visual resources

Action Scotland Against Stalking
Includes links to videos on stalking and harassment.

No Offence
Leeds Animination Workshop, DVD, 1996, 12 minutes
How to identify and deal with sexual and racial harassment, homophobia and other forms of unacceptable behaviour at work.

Tell it like it is
Leeds Animination Workshop, DVD, 2000, 12 minutes
Examines problems faced by young people at school as a result of gender stereotyping and bullying.

Trust your instinct
Network for surviving stalking, On-line, 2011, 1.48minutes
Advice on recognising stalking behaviours.


Recommended reading

Sexual victimisation and stalking Scottish Crime and Justice Survey, 2009/10 (pdf 1.44MB)
Sexual harassment in Scotland Scottish Government, 2002
Stalking and harassment. What health workers need to know. Scottish Government, 2009, (pdf 316KB)

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