Sexual violence

Training packs

Working with survivors of rape and sexual abuse
Edinburgh Women’s Rape and Sexual Assault Centre
Trainers programme (word 67KB)
Case study – child sexual abuse  (word 24KB)
Case study – rape (word 24KB)

Additional training materials

Presentations from Edinburgh Women`s Rape and Sexual Assault Centre
Spectrum of sexual violence (ppt. 50KB)
Prevalence (ppt. 116KB)
Spectrum of self-harm (ppt  79KB)

Presentations from Rape Crisis Scotland
Changing rape culture (ppt 3.9MB)
Rape: myths and realities (ppt 341KB)
Welsh Assembly
Stop Blame campaign

Audio-visual resources

Making recovery a reality
Rape Crisis Scotland, DVD, 2010, 9 minutes
Promotes the work of Rape Crisis across the country.  Includes views of women who have used Rape Crisis support, and highlights the unique and essential nature of the services.

Partner rape, rape myths and rape culture
A personal account. On-line 9.35mins

Your Choice
Barnardos, DVD or video
Film, with accompanying workbook, aimed at boys 12 years and over, focusing on sexual assault, motivations for offending, sexual attitudes and relapse prevention. For more details see here.

Recommended reading

The Women’s Support Project website recommends further reading with Resource Lists available for download.


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