Strategy and Policy

Links to Scottish Government strategy and policy documents on violence against women

Safer Lives: Changed Lives (pdf 198KB) 2009
Scottish Government national shared approach to tackling violence against women

Domestic Abuse. A National Training Strategy (pdf 193KB)
Produced by the Scottish Executive in 2004 to promote training for public agencies in responding to domestic abuse and violence against women

Phase II: March 2009 – March 2011 (pdf 119KB) Guidance for national training strategy

National Domestic Abuse Delivery Plan for Children and Young People (pfd 539KB) 2008
Scottish Government commitment to get it right for children and young people affected by domestic abuse, their families and communities

Guidance for Multi-Agency Partnerships 2009 (pdf 389KB) A Partnership Approach to Tackling Violence Against Women in Scotland.
Practical information and guidance to the 32 multi-agency partnerships (MAPs) in Scotland which are working on violence against women issues

Caledonian System
An integrated approach to address men`s domestic abuse and to improve the lives of women, children and men

What does gender have to do with violence against women? (pdf 31KB) 2010
Explains the links between violence against women and equality between men and women. Outlines why the Scottish Government uses a gendered analysis of violence against women

Gender Based Violence Action Plan.  Guidance for Health Boards CEL_41 2008 (pdf 146KB)
Sets out expectations for NHS Boards to address gender based violence.  For details see
National Gender Based Violence Team


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