Learning theories
A compendium of learning theories, Glasgow University Teaching and Learning Centre.

Theories of learning
Summary from Oxford Brookes University (pdf 546KB)

Images of theories of learning
An interesting website which provides many links.

Angles on learning
An introduction to ideas for learning for college, adult and professional education.  Includes links on ‘what is learning’, Bloom’s Taxonomy, resistance to learning.

Supporting learners
Information on supporting people with autistic spectrum disorders.  Learning and Teaching Scotland.

Good practice resources
Guidance and case studies in good practice on a range of issues, including assessment and evaluation, designing programmes, small group learning and teaching.  Glasgow University Teaching and Learning Centre.

Good practice in interventions for teaching dyslexic learners (pdf 217KB)

Disability resources
A range of guidance and inclusive teaching leaflets from the University of Nottingham, including information on Aspergers, Dyslexia, visual and hearing impairment.

Diversity, learning style and culture
  Information on addressing diversity in teaching / learning and on the impact of culture on learning style.

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