Training for trainers

‘Training for trainers’ courses can help organisations increase their capacity to respond effectively to violence against women. There are two essential elements to ‘training for trainers’ courses on violence against women:

  • Training skills including establishing ground rules, learning theory, training approaches and techniques, presenting and group work skills, monitoring and evaluation
  • Knowledge of violence against women and of good practice in responding.  This should be based on understanding gender inequality as the root cause of violence against women, including culturally harmful practices. Such courses should also address other equality issues, and how violence impacts differently on women who experience additional forms of discrimination and oppression

Whilst it is possible to design and deliver a course that covers both of the above elements, this is a considerable investment of time and resources for both participants and organisers.  It also requires a greater level of assessment to ensure that participants have the necessary skills and confidence.  If participants have no previous experience of delivering training, some may decide that it is not for them after all, resulting in drop outs.  As a result violence against women ‘training for trainers’ courses, such as those offered by training consortia have recruited people who already have training skills, preferably in a related field such as equality or child protection. 

Information on generic training for trainers
Information on VAW training for trainers

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