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Violence Against Women Training across Scotland

Local authority areas across Scotland have a  VAW Training Consortia or other forum  which can assist public sector agencies to incorporate VAW training into their training programmes. Training consortia were first established as the coordinating bodies for the Scottish Government`s national training strategy at local level. They comprise representatives of key public agencies relevant to the violence against women agenda. Their role is to ensure that the aims of the strategy are fulfilled locally, and to assist agencies to make the required change.

Contact list of lead officers for VAW training.

There is a network of multi-agency partnerships which address violence against women, some of which may have a role in organising training.

Multi-agency partnership Contact list January 2012. (Word 64.3KB)

Prevention Network

The website of the
VAW Prevention Network includes a training calendar.

Training available: Scottish voluntary sector

Local Women’s Aid groups are usually able to offer information sessions and some offer training on domestic abuse, including the impact on children and young people.

Shakti Women’s Aid and Hemat Gryffe Women’s Aid have particular experience and expertise in working with black and other minority ethnic women, and on cultural issues.

Scottish Women’s Aid offers bespoke training to commission, and an annual programme of training, study days and seminars on domestic abuse and related issues, such as domestic abuse and older women, domestic abuse and substance misuse, child protection implications of domestic abuse.  Can also deliver training for trainers courses.

Local Rape Crisis Centres are usually able to offer information sessions and some offer training on sexual violence.

Rape Crisis Scotland provides occasional seminars and conferences on a range of issues relating to sexual violence.

Women’s Support Project offers multi-agency workshops, and occasional seminars and conferences.  It can provide training on a range of issues including child sexual abuse, supporting women whose children have been abused, child protection implications of new technologies, implementing routine enquiry of violence and abuse, and commercial sexual exploitation, including the harm caused through prostitution and pornography. Can also deliver training for trainers courses.

SAY Women can offer information sessions and training, for example on child sexual abuse, working with young survivors, providing residential support to young survivors, and self-harm.  In conjunction with STRADA, also offer a course on ‘Working with Survivors of Sexual Violence who experience addiction issues.

Zero Tolerance can offer `Under Pressure`, which is a full day training on tackling abuse and exploitation in teen relationships. Also offer training to journalists, and journalism students on responsible reporting of violence against women.

SAMH run two `Safe to Say` training courses, one for frontline staff and one for managers. They also run a national training for trainers course.  For information on when courses are offered contact and for course content contact or telephone 0131 665 0843.

Dignity Alert and Research Forum (DARF) can provide training on FGM

Glasgow Community and Safety Services GCSS) provides awareness raising sessions for groups of staff who may be working with women exploited by all forms of prostitution by exploring the indicators and common issues informed directly by women`s experiences and the services available in Glasgow. For further information please email or call 0141-276-7724 or 276 0737.

Engender works on gender equality issues and offers occasional training seminars and conferences.

Open Secret offers services to adult survivors and hosts the In-Care Survivors telephone helpline. It can provide training on request

Roshni can provide training on request on cultural and religious needs of abused children from minority ethnic communities.

Amina – the Muslim Women`s Resource Centre (MWRC) offers advice and training to mainstream service providers about violence against women issues in the Muslim community.  Telephone 0141 585 8026 or email

MECOPP produce a range of training directories on equality and diversity issues.

LGBT Domestic Abuse Project can provide training on request.

Enable considers requests for training relating to adult protection / violence and abuse of people with learning disabilities.

Dignity Alert Research Forum offers training which aims to increase awareness of female genital mutilation.

Training available: UK voluntary organisations

This section contains information on training providers outwith Scotland which provide unique or hard to source training, and which have some capacity to respond to requests from Scotland.

Respect training on working with male victims of domestic abuse and on risk assessment.

Just Whistle training on child sexual exploitation.

Respond training on issues relating to learning disability, including domestic and sexual abuse.

AVA (Against Violence and Abuse). Variety of open training courses. The website also contains resources for training and improviing practice.

Freelance trainers

There are a number of freelance trainers offering training on violence against women.  For further details please get in touch with your local training consortium or contact us.

Keep us informed
If you work with a voluntary or non-profit organisation that offers training on violence against women and you would like details included here please contact us.

The above listings are for information only and do not constitute any recommendation or statement of quality.

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